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Mission & Non-Discrimination

The Village School Mission Statement
The mission of The Village School is to provide an education that fully integrates the arts with an academic curriculum, guided by observations of child development that promote the healthy growth of the whole human being – the head (thinking), the heart (feeling), and the hands (willing). Further, The Village School strives to create a community that honors truth, beauty, and goodness and encourages development of the inherent gifts of each school community member.
The Village School Non-Discrimination Policy
The Village School strongly supports diversity and the honoring of all people, beliefs, and cultures both locally and globally.  A core element of The Village School curriculum is to educate our students in the wide array of cultures and belief systems, both past and present, and to treat everyone's beliefs and culture with respect.
As such, The Village School has a very strong non-discrimination policy and does not discriminate against employees or students based on mental or physical handicap or disability, race, color, gender, gender identity, national origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, religion, marital status, familial status, economic class, source of income, physical characteristics, or linguistic characteristics of a national origin group.


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